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18.12.2011 A selection of articles "Vanilla and vanilla flavors"
Compilation consists of 6 parts. Read up on the site foodinnovation.more info..

05.12.2011 precious sweets
The original idea for an innovative example of caramelmore info..

15.11.2011 All about vanilla
A comprehensive presentation on vanillamore info..

26.10.2011 Fermented condiment article
All about fermented condimentmore info..

22.09.2011 A selection of articles "Salt Chic"
Popular and scientific review of "Salt issue"more info..

17.09.2011 The article "Fat Food Concentrates"
About fats for food concentratesmore info..

08.08.2011 Salted chic
All of the salt - the benefits and harmsmore info..

04.08.2011 Selection of the journal "IFI"
Translation and analysis of articles in the magazine "IFI"more info..

20.06.2011 The article "Trends and innovations in the field of flavors and aromas"
Overview of the market of the food industrymore info..

17.06.2011 The article "Technology and encapsulation in the food industry"
Professionals all about encapsulationmore info..

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