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Company profile

Company profile
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Company mission

World Market combines the knowledge and experience of specialists for the production of world-class quality ingredients that most fully satisfy the demands of the food industry today and in the future.

We strive to occupy leading positions in all areas of our activities especially in terms of market share and profitability.

Professionalism and honesty are the basic principles of our internal and external activities.

The basic rules of our work:

Х Constantly evolve, improving products, technologies, management and staff expertise.

Х Promote the fastest and best business growth for our partners and our clients

Х Perform all its obligations to its clients, employees and partners.

Х Compete vigorously, professionally, honestly, and partnering with competitors if possible.

Х To maintain maximum stability of the company, regardless of external conditions in politics and economics.

Basic rules of the internal life of the company:

Х Create working conditions to attract the best employees for our company and to allow them to make the most use of their talents.

Х Provide opportunities for professional development, skill development and career growth.

Х Provide a decent standard of living with steady increases in salaries.

Х Encourage employee initiative to promote business growth

Х Maintain friendly informal relationships between colleagues, combining creative work with leisure activities.

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